Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Falling Fall Freak Show

Now being about 42, I don't think its alzheimers, and I'm too far from high school to blame it on short term memory loss, but I don't remember oak leaves as being any larger than a soda can. Okay maybe there was one or two bigger than a banana, but these leaves are as big as my 17" MacBook longwise and open! They appear to have an extra set of dorsal leaves as well.

If this is a sign of the times, it sure is a big sign, but what can it mean? These leaves are bigger than my son's head! True, we did have a warmer than usual fall, longer growing season, what have you... But geeze! Take a look... This just ain't right. Are they alien mutant oak leaves fallen from some distant galaxy?

Maybe it has something to do with the strange green moss that has appeared on all my oaks.... I thought that was just some sort of blight that escaped Plum Island and drifted across the sound. Whatever is happening, am I the only one who notices this stuff? Check your yard... It could happen to you!

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