Sunday, February 10, 2008

2000 Giant XTC NRS 1 Mountain Biking at Killington

This was my first bike that cost over 2 grand. It was also my first bike that had to be sent back for another warranty bike. It was also my fastest mountain bike that got me down to 185 lbs. and into racing. It was unbelievably fast, but it also rattled apart, since at full speed, it didn't like to rattle over rocks roots and debris. 24 pound bike but its suspension was too snappy for New England crud.

Here we are skittering down the fireroad at Killington...No pads, just mountain biking.

Trails have not changed much... Here's some more circa 2001 helmet cam...
Ya might recognize some of it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey thats one nice looking bike what year is it. I have a giant NRS 2. Got used last year. for 800 bucks. I agree the are fast and keep you in good shape. What kind of problems did you mean ? You can find my bike by typing in blipyou in the search images box for Google. You can reply to any one of the pictures. I check them often.