Sunday, February 10, 2008

2006 Banshee Chaparrel- Freeride Trail Bike

I bought this frame and built it as a dream bike... If I waited 6 months for to get it, my dream would have cost about $500 less! Great bike nonetheless. Used more than my Jamis and much less breakish (42 lbs.).

Anything gold is hope.
King Headset
Mallet Ms
DT 340 r/Onyx f - FRs
Marz 66 Light
OS Race Face Bars
Saint Cranks
E.13 Bash /Tension
SRAM X9 Shifts/Der
990 Cassette
ODI Lock ons
Magura Marta FR w/ 8" hope rotors

2004,2005,2006 Jamis XLT 2.0 -3.0 Bike Evolution

Okay the title has meaning. I bought a 2004 Jamis XLT 2.0 ... Snapped the rear triangle... twice... Once at Killington. I guess they liked me, or worried about their name in my crowd cause they gave me a new frame - XLT 3 this time. Well after the second time I snapped the rear triangle on that one, they gave me another new frame. So I guess I'm on my second frame and fith rear triangle. The other stock parts are oh... nothing. But now that I have built a few, I specd it just right. Its a great bike!!!

Kineseium (what?) frame 2006 - Jamis bike of the Year Design... -Maverick Duc32 '06 w custom risers from a Maverick Authorized tuning center 160mm travel/3.9lbs. yow! - Raceface Triple, - LX cranks (only low end thing) - Candy SLs, - Magura Julies, - DT Onyx/4.1s, - Thomson Seat Post, - Titec Hell Bent OS Bars - 07 WTB Saddle, - X9 Drive Train, - Kendas - Talas RL Air Shock 150mm (04) - ODI Grips and Metal Bar Ends

2000 Giant XTC NRS 1 Mountain Biking at Killington

This was my first bike that cost over 2 grand. It was also my first bike that had to be sent back for another warranty bike. It was also my fastest mountain bike that got me down to 185 lbs. and into racing. It was unbelievably fast, but it also rattled apart, since at full speed, it didn't like to rattle over rocks roots and debris. 24 pound bike but its suspension was too snappy for New England crud.

Here we are skittering down the fireroad at Killington...No pads, just mountain biking.

Trails have not changed much... Here's some more circa 2001 helmet cam...
Ya might recognize some of it.

1997 Gary Fisher Montaire

I upgraded this fork from the git go with a Manitou whatever.... It was a big improvement over the Rock Shox whatever that came with it. I loved the finish on it. It was a bead blast on the Aluminum. Never chipped. Light good geometry. Pimms liked it. Those Greenwalls are GEAX. Great tires for the time.

1999-2000 Specialized FSR E

My last FSR was great... This one had new Hayes Hydraulic discs... Better? No. Super low bottom bracket and weird geometry made me abandon Specialized for greener pastures...
...It came with Fenders. Zoids! (Hyadraulic brakes were a must after this rig though).

1997 Specialized FSR Comp

Upgraded the spring to a Speed Spring on the rear, and upgraded all Bushings to Bearing Kit.
Tried Spynergy 5 spokes before settling on SPOX before I sold it. This was taken when it was Cherry and Mr. Pimms was still a youngster.

It was my first suspension frame, and my fondest bike memory, so far.

Old School Schwinn Sierra Comp - 1989

Back when it wasn't so much about the bike, we rode up Killington: Ticket price... Free.
Anyway the bike, The Schwinn Sierra Comp was upgraded to all LX, then later V-brakes... Whoo Hoo! Note 90s bright blue glovelets, and foam hemlet. Talk about old school body armor....

Project 2003 - 2000 Oryx Superfreak

This project involved a Canadian made Oryx frame named SuperFreak. It was a copy of the great Specialized 4 bar suspension, but built up beefier in the rear triangle than the Specialized. I think the rest of the specs were pretty much the same as the Specialized FSR... The Silver Marzocchi fork and the Chrome rear triangle made me want to make more parts silver instead of black. This bike felt much better leaving the ground than the suspension felt landing. It needed a spring on the rear end. The marzocchi fork was the first I'd tried, and I've had 4 since.
Even this low end, spring 0nly fork felt so plush.