Sunday, February 10, 2008

2004,2005,2006 Jamis XLT 2.0 -3.0 Bike Evolution

Okay the title has meaning. I bought a 2004 Jamis XLT 2.0 ... Snapped the rear triangle... twice... Once at Killington. I guess they liked me, or worried about their name in my crowd cause they gave me a new frame - XLT 3 this time. Well after the second time I snapped the rear triangle on that one, they gave me another new frame. So I guess I'm on my second frame and fith rear triangle. The other stock parts are oh... nothing. But now that I have built a few, I specd it just right. Its a great bike!!!

Kineseium (what?) frame 2006 - Jamis bike of the Year Design... -Maverick Duc32 '06 w custom risers from a Maverick Authorized tuning center 160mm travel/3.9lbs. yow! - Raceface Triple, - LX cranks (only low end thing) - Candy SLs, - Magura Julies, - DT Onyx/4.1s, - Thomson Seat Post, - Titec Hell Bent OS Bars - 07 WTB Saddle, - X9 Drive Train, - Kendas - Talas RL Air Shock 150mm (04) - ODI Grips and Metal Bar Ends

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