Monday, March 24, 2008

First spring foray with Ian

green moss and caves on orange trail by green trail

As temperatures bring my riding out of the hunkered down, calculated trail traversal where I plan my rides around how long my toes can avoid frostbite, to really taking in the woods and absorbing everything the trail has to offer.

At Easter, I ride with my son. We found new corners of Westwoods that I had not explored as fully. We entered on the white trail off of Yankee Peddellar where the white trail meets the boardwalk. There we found old caves that had been filled in with rocks. Why would these caves be backfilled?, I thought... Not deep enought to worry about collapse... My guess is to keep animals of any size from homesteading there. Old bottles litter the trail by the entrance. Old dumps and new dumps (fill) are the gateway to the path less travelled.

The trails are drying out nicely, and I keep thinking about how I can advocate "no skidding" by urging any skidders to take their riding to a new level of skill by not EVER skidding the tire anywhere, (unless of course you are teaching your 8 year old how to skid for distance in your driveway).


Anonymous said...

Its good to see your writing on your site again.

EffinComputers said...

Thank you for this incredible wealth of information. Especially the map. I've known for some time about the eastern part of this park. But I wasn't aware of how the three (or so) parks connect. I've since explored the park from 3 different entrances, and I'm amazed at the things there are to see, enjoy, and explore. I can't wait to explore even more!