Monday, June 22, 2009

To all my domains...

They seemed like such good ideas... Like children really, you get excited, pick a name, purchase it and then instead of building the site, I get another idea. So these malformed and illegitimate orphans lie:
  • - That was to be my all things Connecticut search directory. Still is a great domain name.
  • - That was going to be my multimedia services web site
  • - It is a half-hearted effort at a css reference site
  • - While I was at it, I figured I'd buy an entire empire. More Web Help.
  • - At this point I was just getting carried away with web help.
  • - This is still a hope, but has nothing much right now on it.
  • - The oldest and most complete, this is my web design portfolio site.
  • - Would have been an indy rock site back when I was building another artist's web site.
  • - This is my blog's companion site built with apple's crappy web application. That is a piece of garbage. So I don't update too much.

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